Working Papers

Empowering Women through Multifaceted Interventions: Long-term Evidence from a Double Matching Design. September, 2020. Online Appendix. Submitted.

Motivating Bureaucrats with Behavioral Insights when State Capacity is Weak: Evidence from Large-Scale Field Experiments in Peru. With Andrew Dustan and Juan Manuel Hernandez-Agramonte . August, 2020. Online Appendix. Submitted.

The Non-Monotonic Political Effects of Resource Booms. August, 2020. Online Appendix. Revise and Resubmit at Journal of Environmental Economics and Management.

Academic Articles

Natural Resource Windfalls and Efficiency of Local Government Expenditures: Evidence from Peru. With Martin Ardanaz . August, 2021. Online Appendix. Forthcoming at Economics and Politics.

The Value of Redistribution: Natural Resources and the Formation of Human Capital under Weak Institutions. With Jorge Aguero , Carlos Felipe Balcazar, and Hugo Ñopo. Journal of Development Economics , January 2021, 102581.

From a Curse to a Blessing? Institutional Reforms and Resource Booms in Colombia. With Jorge Gallego and Lorena Trujillo . Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 178, October 2020, Pages 174-193.

Book Chapters

Government Policy and Employment of Persons with Disabilities in Peru. January, 2014. Published in Jody Heymann, Micheal Stein, and Gonzalo Moreno (editors), Disability and Equity at Work. Oxford University Press.


Work and Disability in Peru: Labor Market, Public Policies and Social Inclusion. (In Spanish). Congress of Peru Editions and United Nations Development Program. Lima, 2006. 254 pages.